Swift Lift Foils

The Swift Lift foils are the result of an extensive foil development programme by Luka Damic of Damic Designs in Australia.

For those that do not know the story of the Macita foil, this was the first foil conceived by Luka Damic and Dave Lister of Australia in response to the dominance of the Mach 2 and Exocet Foils at the time.

The foil proved to be a winner as Bora Gulari won the world championships in 2013 against strong competition from both Mach 2s and Exocets in a mixture of conditions.

The Swift foil set are an evolution of the Macita concept with the high lift foil retaining the drop tips along with the rudder. The high wind main foil has done away with the tips and reverts back to full flap to increase response in challenging conditions. 

Both the Swift rudder and High wind main foil have been tested at the Australian Nationals 2018 with Luka having had his best regatta to date with top speeds peaking over 30 knots. Both prototypes were built here in the UK at Atomik HQ. 

Swift Spec

The full foil set has been designed to cater for all wind situations and come as standard on the Lithium. In addition to this the verticals have been exclusively designed for Atomik UK by Luka and will be available only on the Lithium.

AtomikUK Macita Lift Foils

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