The Macita Lift Foil

by Luka Damic and David ListerOCT 16th, 2016

The Macita Lift foil is the result of the collaboration of Luka Damic and David Lister of Australia.

For those that do not know the story of the Macita foil, this was conceived by Luka Damic and Dave Lister of Australia in response to the dominance of the Mach 2 and Exocet Foils at the time.

The foil proved to be a winner as Bora Gulari won the world championships in 2013 against strong competition from both Mach 2s and Exocets in a mixture of conditions.

Macita Spec

The foil is a high aspect design that gives excellent lift out but also with a modified section that significantly reduces drag which allows the foil to perform extremely well across the typical wind range seen at moth events. Atomik UK are pleased that we have been appointed as exclusive builder and supplier of the Macita foil. The current list price is £1550.00 plus delivery. Our Macitas are hand finished and polished in white durepox.

AtomikUK Macita Lift Foils

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