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2019 Lithium Moth


As a technologies company, we analysed the build process from start to finish in order to develop a platform that would be repeatable, consistent and able to maintain a high standard in terms of quality and performance heralding a new era in the International Moth Class. 


Form meets Function

Utilising a combination of pre preg, traditional wet lay up and infusion methods we have optimised the platform for todays athletes and the increasing demands of top level performance.

2019 Lithium Moth


Every inch of the Lithium was exhaustively thought out and designed over a period of 18 months to integrate with the hundreds of components that make up the platform. With over 60 moulds and countless jigs, the main drive was for repeatability within a micro manufacturing environment.

Atomik UK - Behind The Company

Creative Team

AtomikUK was born out of a passion for composites and specifically the International Moth. The creative team behind the Lithium Moth extends beyond Phil and Matt with help and guidance from many friends both inside and outside the Moth community. With input from Americas Cup team members to Olympic Tornado builders, the Lithium project continues to grow beyond our expectations.

Phil Oligario

Managing Director

Matt Ponsford

Senior Designer

Atomik UK

Race Team 2019

Our race team is at the centre of our exhaustive R&D programme. Each rider has a proven track record both in and outside of the moth class coupled with their professionalism and dedication to moths. We are giving our full support to the team in the run up to the 2020 worlds to be held in Weymouth, UK.

Paul Hignett

Race Team Scotland

Michael Schonleitner

Race Team Austria

Gareth Davies

Race Team England

Race Training with Paul Hignett 2017

atomik UK Winter Training pre lithium

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Past Projects

Before the Lithium...


Atomik UK Thanks..

The Lithium would not be a reality without the considerable amount of help given from several people to whom we are grateful for sharing their vast wealth of knowledge, ideas and support. Special thanks to:

Graham Eeles, David Mossman, Adam May, Mike Cooke, Simon Maguire, Simon Reynolds, Sebastien Guillemette, Luka Damic, Bruce McLeod, Constantijn Weber, Paul Hignett, John Edwards, Gareth Davies, Olivia Winther, The Families Ponsford and Oligario, Lavazza

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